Tablets are the new black. At least if you count the numbers of iPad's and Kindle Fire's on people's holiday lists this year. The devices represent two ends of the tablet spectrum that more and more companies will be trying to wedge themselves into as the technology improves and the demand grows. For iPad, the Kindle Fire's $200 price tag signals the end of its dominance. Apple will still sell thousands of the devices because they are very functional and easy to use. But, for $500, many people just can't afford them. Many of the popular tablets are actually used by multiple family members for that reason. In fact, that is just one more reason iPad 2 makes a great gift. You'd be giving yourself a gift most likely (in a roundabout way).

If you're shopping around for tablets, you've no doubt seen the iPad, and maybe you've dismissed it as being too expensive. But, once you look around the tablet landscape, you might notice the slew of devices in the $400 range that come up short of iPad. So, maybe that extra $100 is worth it this year. Start the slide show to see 10 reasons iPad 2 makes a great holiday gift. Tell us in the comments what tablets you've been checking out.  

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