Before iPhone 4S was launched, case manufacturers had already produced iPhone 5 case conforming with the rumored features and design of iPhone 5. Similarly, based on the speculated features and design of the next generation iPad, some manufacturers have already begun making cases for the yet-to-arrive tablet.

According to 9to5Mac, cases for the next generation iPad have already surfaced in the market and by the look of it, the new tablet is going to be called iPad 2S and not iPad 3 (the letter S in the name of next generation iPad means an internal technical specification update rather than a re-design).

Just as the name implies, the design of iPad 2S will reportedly be similar to its predecessor. However, it may be only 1MM thicker because of the internal specification update. Accordingly, the case for the new iPad, made by Chinese manufacturer Chinee, has been designed to accommodate the slight change.

The iPad 2S is also expected to sport a more powerful camera. More specifically, the rear lens will be upgraded. The new case also appears with camera holes to accommodate slightly bigger lens.

Chinee claimed the design knowledge is from reliable sources within Apple’s supply chain.

Earlier rumors suggested the next generation iPad will boast of a quad-core processor, Retina Display, Siri, and LTE network capabilities. The mass production of the tablet has reportedly kicked off in early January and it will be unveiled in February.