According to the latest report, the iPad 3 is expected to be launched in March this year with a high-definition screen, a faster processor - supporting the next-generation wireless networks - and many other new features. Considering all these aspects, one major question that arises is whether the iPad 3 will have an improved battery life.

The current iPad has a working time rated at 10 hours. The first-generation iPad also had a 10-hour battery life. So it can be expected that the next generation iPad will have a minimum battery life of 10 hours. With new features expected in the device, Apple will have to make the battery last longer by fitting a bigger battery and more power-efficient components and also by improving battery chemistry.

It is a fact that Apple is more focused on battery life, and despite the iPad's much-larger-than a smartphone battery, it's hard to believe that they would sacrifice battery life on the new device. Earlier it was reported that battery capacity for the high-end version of the iPad 3 will be extended to 14,000mAH, from 6,500mAH used currently in the iPad 2. This means that the battery life in the next iPad will double up.

With the iPad emerging as the company's second-biggest source of revenue following the iPhone, Apple will be expected to deliver the best in the new device, which will also be the first major hardware release since the death of company co-founder Steve Jobs in October 2011.