OnLive, a company known for streaming games, has released a new iPad app that can run the Windows OS at lightning-fast speeds, something the purportedly 4G LTE-enabled iPad 3 could turn into an unstoppable combination. The OnLive Desktop app uses cloud based technology to shrink down the Windows environment into a usable size for the iPad (Android, Macs and PCs too, eventually). Unlike apps such as Splashtop that allow your PC desktop to run on the iPad, OnLive Desktop uses their own servers to run the Windows OS, only sending what information your device needs at any given moment.

Because it's all happening on the iPad, all the touch features you're used to can now be used for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Pinch to zoom on your Word document, and edit it just like on a laptop. The catch to that trick is the only way to get those Microsoft documents is from a folder on the desktop, and for that, you have to go through the OnLive Website from your computer. The app launched in January, but Feb. 22, the company unveiled a new feature called OnLive Desktop Plus. This feature uses that 4G LTE speed to deliver a super-charged version of Internet Explorer that can run Flash for any and all purposes; videos and games at speeds even a home connection cannot achieve. OnLive Desktop Plus ($5 per month) is aiming at business users, but iPads are so popular, many others will be equally excited to have a nearly seamless Windows environment right on their favorite mobile device.

OnLive is using a new technology to essentially stream the content you want from their fast servers instead of uploading the info, waiting for you to download it and then running it on the iPad. This process allows everything to run much faster than even on a PC. Microsoft Word opens in just one second, and files up to 15 megabytes open in just one-tenth of a second.. That's the other reason you'll need those 4G speeds. Again, OnLive isn't the first app that allows Flash use on the iPad either. iSwifter does the same thing as far as Flash is concerned, but OnLive Desktop runs so fast, it seems like it's native to the iPad. Tell us in the comments if you think OnLive is on to a great idea or not.

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