Siri is widely expected to make its merry way to the next Apple iPad model (be it iPad 3 or iPad HD or whatever), and if it does happen, it would be awesome. The possibilities of having Siri on the next iPad could make things exceptionally easier to do, and not to mention fun. There are so many things Siri hasn’t got around doing on the iPhone 4S, but on the next iPad, Apple could bring forth new set of features to keep Siri as the go-to voice recognition assistant.

Siri doesn’t do everything, but there are certain things we would like for it to do. We want Siri to be a key part of every Apple device, and to be powerful enough for users to control the whole device without even a single touch of a button or screen.

Here are some features we would love to see in the next iPad, and beyond.

Siri, Turn off iPad

Imagine that, telling Siri to turn off your iPad. Sometimes you don’t want to play around with the buttons to turn off your device, or, you might not be near enough. A simple command to Siri to turn off your iPad could be a game changer, something every other manufacture would want to emulate.

Siri, Take a Picture/Video

“Hey Siri, you see that pretty girl over there in the green hat? How about zooming in and taking her picture for me, thanks.” Seriously, how awesome would that be? Commanding to Siri to take pictures and videos would be so awesome that it could remove the constant need to tap your screen. We hope Apple considers this. Such a feature would catch the eyes of millions, even those who hate Apple products for whatever reasons.

Siri, Launch an Application

Ever done something on your iPhone, and then felt the need to launch a specific application, but you are too lazy to stop what you are doing to get it done? A simple Siri command could make your life a whole lot easier. TellMe on Windows Phone already does this, just press and hold the Windows button to launch TellMe, and voila, you can command an application to be launched, like a boss. Siri missing out on this feature is mind boggling, and so we hope Apple sees how useful this could be for iOS users and make it a go.

Apple TV: Siri, Play a Movie

Have you seen Microsoft Kinect and how it works with Xbox Live? Apple could do a similar thing and allow Siri to voice control Apple TV. If the next Apple TV does not come with Siri built-in, then at least allow users to do this via the next iPad model. Think of it as a voice remote for Apple TV, no longer do we need to be swiping and pressing buttons like mad men from back in the past, yuck.

(Reported by Vamien McKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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