iPad 3 has launched its worldwide release to thousand of waiting fans and tech aficionados alike. David Tarasenko, a construction manager from Sydney, Australia was the first lucky buyer of a new iPad 3 HD. From there, store openings across Austrailia and Asia continued before European stores opened at 8 a.m. local time. In San Francisco, one of Apple's flagship stores, customers waited in light rain as local television crews shot news reels of people holding umbrellas and reading their iPhones. So far, there's been lots Internet comments going out on Facebook and Twitter, so we'll high-light a few of them along with a few pictures of some the first buyers in cities around the world. After Tarasenko, Zhuo Hanling, his wife Seah Swee Kheng and their daughter were first to buy an iPad in Singapore.

Our favorite comment so far has been from Rashad Burgess' Facebook page. He's a branch chief at the CDC in Atlanta, so he's obviously intelligent, and his profile picture shows his bright smile as he posted, Just picked up the new iPad, I feel like a kid at Christmas, :-).

From Twitter, a man going by the Twitter handle @HeySingletary tweeted, A FedEx truck just drove by my house. Didn't stop. What a tease. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Start the slideshow to see the first iPad buyers from major cities around the world and read some more Twitter and Facebook reactions from other new iPad owners. Tell us in the comments if you're still on the fence about buying the new iPad or if you're determined to hold out and wait for thorough reviews from your trusted tech friends.

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