Apple will make a big announcement March 7 in San Francisco, and we're certain it will be a new iPad. Besides that, it's all rumors. Here's what we know so far. From a suspected iPad Mini (a seven-inch tablet) to a new display going from edge to edge on the screen, there's plenty of speculation about what iPad 3 will look like. In fact, the latest rumor is it will be iPad HD instead of iPad 3 or iPad 2S. So there isn't much we know, but it isn't for lack of trying. Entire Web sites are set up to comb Chinese language blogs and media to find any hint of a leak from one of Apple's parts suppliers. 

Furthermore, all manner of industry analysts and financiers are consulted to find out how much they're willing to divulge about Apple's latest piece of high-tech. While the most credible rumors are Apple will include a high resolution display and new operating system update, the rest range from unlikely to not a chance. We've found a dozen or so rumors for our readers to rummage through, and while some sound reasonable, there are just as reasonable, um, reasons for Apple not to include them. Start the slideshow to see what we know so far. Let us know in the comments if you've reached pre-launch rumor saturation yet or if you've been purposely not paying attention in order to avoid the deluge.  

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