Hanover, Germany is the host city for the CeBIT conference starting March 6 through March 10, but a company called Tobit Software has already captured the crowd's imagination with a pole-dancing robot. As the second decade of the 21st century advances on, so does the robot world and the realm of mobile technology. From autonomous quadcoptors to a DARPA built four-legged Cheetah robot and exoskeleton supports for the disabled, the tech is advancing very rapidly.

The CeBit conference is one of the world's largest technology conventions, and companies like Microsoft and Acer will be there to talk about social, the cloud and the latest in smart tech. We think the pole-dancing robot falls into all three categories. Besides the fun robotics demo, there's plenty happening at this year's show. Microsoft will delve a bit deeper into its plans for the Windows 8 platform and Acer could announce a launch date for its Iconia Tab A510 and A700 devices. Amazon, IBM, Huawei, Facebook, Google and eBay are all making presentations at the event. Google will be making a presentation about the future of online video, and Amazon will be discussing cloud infrastructure and its impact on business. Start the slideshow to see the pole-dancing robot and other tech unveiled ahead of the CeBIT kickoff.

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