Apple is losing its dominance in the tablet market, Q1 2014 sales figures from research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed, according to Business Insider. A year ago, Apple dominated the market with more than 40 percent of all tablets sold. Now, however, less than a third of all tablets sold in Q1 have been Apple products as the iPad's market share declined by 19.1 percent across the year.

But Apple competitor Samsung increased its market share by almost 5 points and claimed nearly a quarter of the tablet market, according to the data. As far as other brands are concerned, the market share didn’t change all that much. Yet with Samsung's market share increasing and Apple's decreasing, it's pretty obvious that Samsung has taken a sizable bite into Apple’s customer base. 

Business Insider pointed out that Samsung sells significantly more types of tablets than Apple does, and that's a major reason why the South Korean company has been doing well in the tablet business lately.

The slump in Apple iPad sales isn't shocking, though. On Apple's Q1 earnings call, iPad sales were way under expectations, at 16.4 million units, down 16.1 percent, Business Insider noted.

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly described the downfall of the iPad as “confusing” and chalked it up to a problem with inventory levels in sales channels. 

Nevertheless, iPads -- which are often more expensive than Samsung Galaxy tablets -- are still the leader in tab sales. But these days, considering what the IDC data reveals, not everyone is chasing down the most expensive tablets.