The reviews for the iPhone 4S are in and the final verdict is mixed.

Though the consensus seems to be that the processing system is stellar and some upgrades noticeably impressive, most reviews highlight the stand-out fact that the iPhone 4S is pretty much identical to the iPhone 4.  

These are not necessarily complaints, but nor are they over-zealous endorsements either.

But does that give consumers a reason to hold off? Could a bad review of Apple's newest product spoil the bunch?

Engadget's Tim Stevens wrote, It's a new spin on an old phone that will shock none, but give it half a chance, and it will still impress.

The tech blogger then went on to detail how familiar some of the features are; though the notable changes are the faster processor, better camera, more storage capability, and a smarter virtual assistant.

However, he comments on how the physical look is almost exactly the same as the iPhone 4. But the battery life is better due to stronger internal capabilities and Siri was a knockout for him.

Though Stevens professed that the iPhone 4S is the best iPhone on the market, he could not definitively say if it is the best phone on the market.

Eric Zerman from InformationWeek said It is absolutely identical to the iPhone 4. If you've touched an iPhone 4, then you've touched an iPhone 4S.

His review praised the speed of the iPhone 4S and the power of the processor. But he added that the iOS 5 needs some tweaking overall.

Zerman got a lot of entertainment out of Siri and said the virtual assistant is useful, but that it feels (and probably looks) silly to be issuing orders to your phone in front of other people.

James Kendrick, who writes for ZDNet, is a self-proclaimed Android user, and had a fairly good review of the iPhone 4S in terms of the technology. However, he does not think that Android users should make the switch.

I believe those currently using Android phones due to the flexibility and customization possible with the OS will be much happier sticking with Android, he wrote, Those who are overwhelmed by Android, and I hear daily from such users, may want to think about going simple. There is no loss of functionality using the iPhone 4S compared to Android, it's just much easier.

He praised the improved camera feature as well as the construction of the iOS 5 interface software.

Walt Mossberg of AllThingsD offered his critique: My advice is that owners of the iPhone 4 needn't rush to upgrade; they can get the new operating system. But owners of older iPhone models, or those with basic phones, will find this latest iPhone a pleasure and a good value.  

Joshua Topolsky who writes for, summed up his review by saying the iPhone 4S is pretty damn cool.

Yet there was a shadow cast as well. It's not exactly the same story as with the release of the iPhone 4, where you felt like competitors had to go back to the drawing board completely, but Android and Windows Phone device makers will certainly be scratching their heads trying to figure out how to best what Apple is offering.

BetaNews writer Joe Wilcox went to buy his daughter the iPhone 4S and discovered either 4S demand isn't exceptional compared to iPhone 4 or Apple has gotten much more efficient stocking inventory -- or both.

Wilcox did not purchase an iPhone 4S for himself. Wilcox has no interest in the Apple product and is fully satisfied with his Samsung Galaxy S II. His view is only that of a third party observer.

Before the iPhone 4S even came out, a multitude of disappointed fans voiced displeasure when no announcement came for an iPhone 5 at the Apple keynote event Let's Talk iPhone.

Still, the sales for the iPhone 4S are high. Sprint even confirmed that the Oct. 14 sales of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 topped the company's previous one-day sale record... in only four hours.