Apple iPhone 4S went on sales on Friday. Maybe you have already got one in your hands. But do you want to find out what it looks like inside? Luckily, we live in an era which doesn't lack fanaticism for digital products. Even one day before the launch of iPhone 4S, someone had already posted a video of teardown of iPhone 4S, so you don't need to take your shiny new toy apart in case you're one of those who are wondering what lies beneath the shiny hood.

The hardware repair group of iFixit cracked open the new iPhone on Oct. 13. Here are their findings from iFixit's iPhone 4S teardown:

Memory storage capacity

Since Apple doesn't reveal the RAM of products like the iPhone and iPad, so the memory storage will be a mystery until the device is broken open. Previous speculations include 1GB and 512 MB of RAM. iFixit has proved that it indeed is 512 MB. The capacity matches that of iPad 2 and its predecessor -iPhone 4. How do we know it's 512 MB? Check out the marking, specifically E4E4, denoting two 2 Gb LPDDR2 die-for a total of 4 GB-or 512 MB, said iFixit.

A5 Processor

iPhone 4S boasts Apple's A5 System-on-a-Chip: 1 GHz Dual-Core Processor

According to iSuppli, this A5 processor is based on ARM's Cortex-A9 architecture. It actually made its first appearance last March in Apple's iPad 2. This matches Apple's practice it introduced last year, when the A4 processor -- the A5's predecessor - first appeared in the original iPad and then several months later was used in the iPhone 4.

An Extra .05 WHrs in the Battery

According to iFixit's observation, the iPhone 4S has a battery of 5.3W-h (Watt-hour) capacity, which indicates an extra .05 WHrs compared to the battery used in both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4. The battery inside of iPhone 4S cannot be used in iPhone 4 because they have different connectors, said iFixit.  It is worthy to mention that the iPhone 4S has 100 hours less standby time than iPhone 4. This is understandable when you take into account the upgrade in hardware.

Is 8MP Camera Made by Sony?

According to iFixit who learned from Chipworks that the iPhone 4S' 8MP camera is made by Sony. However the camera is not just a tool as the smartphone knows how to use every last one of those pixels.  Apple boasts 73% more light with next-generation backside illumination for better low-light performance. This camera is roughly 33% faster and can snap multiple photos less than a second apart, said iFixit.

More Like CDMA Version iPhone 4

Apple touted the iPhone 4S as a world phone as the same model can be used on both GSM- and CDMA-based networks.  Therefore, you will see that the SIM slot is back. No matter which carrier you choose, you can be sure to find the micro-SIM slot there to accept your GSM micro-SIM cards, as well as any CDMA roaming SIM. iFixit believes that the iPhone 4S has many similarities with the CDMA iPhone 4, which include the logic board of the phones. However they found the display assembly of iPhone 4S looks like the same as that in the GSM version iPhone 4.