The hysteria over Apple's much-anticipated iPhone 5 seems to have reached a crescendo as new research shows that the new phone is already on the shopping list of many North American mobile users.

That excitement, typically trumpeted with breathless coverage in media and enthusiast blogs, was finally qualified after an independent study by mobile ad network InMobi emerged showing 41 percent of mobile users in North American, Canada and Mexico plan to buy the next generation phone.

This could potentially make iPhone 5 the most successful launch from the consumer electronics giant to date, the researchers from mobile ad network InMobi said.

The study found that 50 percent of those users would make the purchase within the first six months of the iPhone 5 launch. This could take Apple significantly ahead of its June 2011 market position, and increase its mobile platform market share from 27 percent in June to 41percent.

InMobi's research revealed that more than half of BlackBerry users (52%) and as many as 27 percent of Android device owners were planning to switch to the new Apple iPhone 5, alongside 51percent of current iPhone users.

InMobi sampled mobile phone users in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico for this study. While nothing was truly known about the iPhone 5, participants said their most desired features for the new iPhone were improved battery life, increased processing speed, higher-quality screen resolution, and stronger phone service.

Participants were also asked if they would buy iPhone if it were only a minor update (like what happened when iPhone 3G was upgraded to 3GS).

InMobi's study indicated that less than 15 percent of mobile customers were likely to buy the new iPhone if the next iPhone were an upgraded iPhone 4. Yet, 28 percent of BlackBerry users said they would still switch to iPhone, which makes one believe that RIM customers are not entirely satisfied with their BlackBerrys.

The research also revealed that consumers expected certain things from the iPhone maker - better battery life, increased processing speed, higher-quality screen resolution and better phone service.

The combination of Apple's increasing market share in mobile advertising and general consumer interest in their latest technology is another boon for the mobile advertising industry, said James Lamberti, VP Global Research & Marketing at InMobi, in a press release.

Apple is currently the clear leader in terms of compelling user experience and customer loyalty, and we feel that their quality and pace of innovation when it comes to mobile devices will continue to improve the content and advertising experience for consumers for iPhone 5 and beyond, added James.

Earlier this month, Mike Abramsky at RBC told clients that an estimated 66 percent of existing iPhone users were very/somewhat likely to buy the iPhone 5, characterizing what he called unprecedented demand.

The report additionally indicated that 31 percent of the 2,200 respondents were very/somewhat likely to buy the new device.