The day Apple maniacs have long awaited is finally here, and IBTimes plans to offer the most comprehensive live coverage of Apple's Oct. 4 Let's Talk iPhone announcement event.

The rumors have swirled for months as to when Apple might unveil its new iPhone 5 and that day finally seems to be here. There's been some speculation that Apple might not release an iPhone 5, but instead a new and improved version of the iPhone 4, which would undoubtedly disappoint Apple's most ardent fans.

In addition to speculation on whether Apple will release a new iPhone 5, there are questions abound on the iCloud, the iOS5, and what new apps could accompany the iPhone 5 and other new devices. Consumers already know about the iOS5 and the iCloud, but Apple is expected to go more in-depth on the new software.

All of that speculation plus intrigue over new CEO Tim Cook's first public announcement since the departure of Steve Jobs make this one of the most interested and anticipated Apple announcements of all-time.

IBTimes will be providing live coverage from the event and other locations throughout the United States in a live blog below. The Let's Talk iPhone event begins at 1 p.m. EST, but we'll be providing predictions, early reports from the event, and other worthy information in our blog throughout the day.

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