iPhone 5 Release Date: New iPad Debut Throws Light on Next iPhone's Features (PHOTOS)

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  • iPhone 4S
    Barclays Hong Kong analyst Kirk Yang suggested that the iPhone 5 will have Retina Display, which has similar display quality with the new iPad's, Eastern Morning Herald reported. Some rumors claimed that the new iPhone will have 367ppi, 1280 x 720 HD screen, but others predicted that a 4-inch LED curved display is more probable. REUTERS
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    Even though many fans expect the next generation iPhone to be named "iPhone 5", 9to5Mac reported on March 7 that it might be called "new iPhone," citing a "reliable source" that had informed it two weeks prior to the launch of the new iPad. Instead of naming the new tablet iPad 3, iPad HD or iPad 2S as widely speculated, Apple simply referred to it as "new iPad." It means the tech giant is ready to chop the number suffix off, when it names any new iDevice. Accordingly, the next iPhone could be called the "new iPhone." Reuters
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The highly anticipated next generation iPad - called the new iPad - has finally been unveiled with striking features. Interestingly, the new tablet also throws some light on what features the next generation iPhone would possibly boast of, ranging from the features to name.

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