With Friday morning's  iPhone 5 launch hours away, Apple fanatics across the world have taken to lining up outside Apple Stores in hopes of being among the very first users to own the new iPhone. Equipped with sleeping bags, snacks, and, of course, older Apple products to entertain themselves, some have been waiting for days.

The iPhone 5 sold out of its initial pre-order online in about an hour, so many customers who simply can’t wait to receive theirs are relying on being near the front of the line.

At Apple’s flagship location on New York City’s Fifth Avenue, the line reportedly reached as many as 60 people by Thursday night, according to USA Today. Several protesters related to Occupy Wall Street have also infiltrated the line as well.

While other Apple locations aren’t quite as crowded, they still draw large numbers of dedicated fans. By midday Thursday, as many as 15 people had camped out in front of Chicago’s largest Apple Store, prepared to wait out the night in anticipation of the iPhone 5.

Not everyone in the crowd was out to gett the phone for himself. According to the Chicago Tribune, Julian Diggs, first in line at a Chicago location, has plans to sell his spot in line for as much as $1,200.

Diggs does plan to get back in line and purchase a phone for himself, however.

"I just like to stay updated when there's a new design and extremely new features," he told the Chicago Tribune.

Others, however, would never give up their spot to anyone else and are especially dedicated to the wait.

According to USA Today, Marine Sgt. Iggy McDonald began camping out in front of an Arlington, Va., Apple Store on Tuesday. "I've spent Tuesday night and last night here and I'm planning on spending tonight here as well. I've stood in line for all of the iPhones," he told USA Today.

Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak isn’t immune to the hype. The Woz tweeted a photo of a Chermside, Australia, Apple Store where he is waiting in line for a new iPhone 5.

Because the Australia store is in the first time zone in the world to open and begin selling the iPhone 5, Wozniak tweeted the photo with the caption “In line for first iPhone 5's in the world! (@ Apple Store w/ 2 others).”

Wozniak founded Apple along with Steve Jobs in 1976. Despite leaving the company in 1987, Wozniak remains a shareholder and routinely discusses his enthusiasm for new Apple products.

The iPhone 5 launches Friday morning at 8 a.m. local time and will be available for prices starting at $199 with a two-year contract.