UPDATE: Steve Jobs Dies 'Peacefully,' Says Family, One Day After iPhone 4S Release

The Apple Let's talk iPhone event is hours away, and consumers are expecting the company to showcase its highly anticipated iPhone 5.

Rumors of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 have been swirling for months, but Apple will finally pull back the curtain at its Let's talk iPhone event Tuesday morning. The company is expected to unveil the highly anticipated iPhone 5 alongside the introduction of iOS 5 and its iCloud Web services product to a hungry consumer crowd.

It is expected that Apple's CEO Tim Cook will officially announce the iPhone 5 during the special media event. Many have wondered whether Apple can continue to compete without Steve Jobs as its creative driving force, particularly as rivals like Samsung continue to gain ground. This will be the first major launch from the company after Jobs’ resignation.

Apple will hold the occasion at the Apple Town Hall at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, beginning at 10 a.m. PDT (1 p.m. ET). The chosen venue is a far more personal setting than the unveiling that took place at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

iPhone loyals and users as well as tech junkies may want to attend the event to know the new features of the iPhone. Of course not everyone can attend, as it is an invite-only event.

Apple did not provide an official Web site with live streaming of the event. As usual, when the event concludes, Apple will post a video of the iPhone 5 event on its YouTube channel.

But iPhone 5 fans can still catch the event through live blogs of the attendees. Web sites such as Engadget, slashgear, Electronista, TUAW and Gizmodo will provide live blogs of the Apple event.

IBTimes will feature its own live blog for the occasion, featuring images and up-to-the-minute coverage of what's revealed.

Vertex, the online broadcast network, will produce and stream live coverage of the keynote event starting at 9:30 a.m. PDT (12:30 p.m. EST), with an opening segment that will examine the projected discussion points on products and features. This live stream can be accessed at www.watchvertex.com.

Engadget has its live blog ready with a specific outline for various time zones including Hawaii, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, London, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo.

Slashgear Livecast will start at 1 p.m. ET on “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event.

Electronista and TUAW will also provide live coverage page for real-time updates starting from 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PDT).

Gizmodo's iPhone5 blog is also set up, though the site admits that this title may be incomplete since Apple could very well mention multiple products tomorrow and not just the iPhone.

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