It has been a while since the new iPhone 7 came out, but there might not be a better time to buy the phone than Friday. That's because it's the day after Thanksgiving, the shopping holiday otherwise known as "Black Friday," which means your favorite Apple product just might be a bit less expensive.

And while iPhone 7s are certainly still likely to be expensive, there are deals to be found at certain retailers. At Wal-Mart for instance, any customer who signs up for a contract with Verizon or AT&T is awarded with a $250 gift card to the store. It's helpful to remember, however, that those plans will prove to be pretty costly.

An offer from Target seems to be pretty similar to Wal-Mart's deal. Target is offering an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus for $0 down for any customer with a qualified AT&T, Sprint or Verizon plan. The retailer is also throwing in a $250 Target Gift Card. Sam's Club is also running pretty much the same deal.

A helpful list at tech website BGR detailed some of the other ways to land a cheap iPhone. The site noted that the "real Black Friday deals on Apple hardware come from Apple’s retail partners, including electronics retailers and wireless carriers looking to capture your attention." Even online hub eBay has decent deals on unlocked iPhones. A savvy customer might be able to save $30-$50, according to BGR. 

For those less interested in iPhone 7 there's plenty of deals on other products. You can find lower-end laptops for just a few hundred bucks or new Adidas sneakers for half the normal price. WalletHub looked into the best stores for Black Friday shopping and found certain retailers really slash prices, especially department stores that mostly focus on clothes. Macy's prices are expected to be 63.4 percent down on average, JC Penney 62.8 percent and Kohl's 58.1 percent.