The iPhone 7 is almost here. For those looking for the best deal on the smartphone rumored to be priced at about $790, the major U.S. carriers are a good place to start. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint have all fought hard to win over new customers with the debut of each Apple device and the rumored Sept. 7 release of the iPhone 7 should be no different. Below is our guide to how to work your carrier's promotions to get a good deal on a new phone. 


For a limited time, the magenta carrier is pushing low prices on the iPhone 6 in a clear sign that it is getting ready to make way for iPhone 7 sales. Under a current deal, customers can purchase the iPhone 6s for $100 when you trade in your iPhone 6. T-Mobile hasn't announced iPhone 7 deals yet, but when the iPhone 6 went on sale a year ago, it allowed its customers to preorder the new device at $20 a month for 18 months. Keep checking for deals once the iPhone 7 is officially announced. 

Verizon Wireless

Verizon has a deal for an iPhone 6 Plus right now priced at $20.83 a month. It's expected to offer a similar plan with the iPhone 7 as it has done in the past with previous Apple releases. 


With the previous Apple launch, AT&T gave customers the option of a standard two-year contract for an iPhone 6s at subsidized pricing. The carrier also typically offers installment plans with upgrades after 12, 18 or 24 payments depending on the plan. Right now, AT&T has Apple iPhone 6s at $21.67 a month. 


Sprint lets customers who pay a monthly fee get an upgrade on a yearly basis. Sprint’s “iPhone for Life” program leases devices to customers for a period of 22 months for about $22 a month.


Going straight to the source and shopping at Apple is another choice. Under the brand's iPhone Upgrade Program, customers can purchase a new iPhone every year after paying $32.41 a month. It also comes with the AppleCare Plus protection plan, which covers up to two cases of accidental iPhone damage. "After 12 payments, you can get a new iPhone and start a new iPhone Upgrade Program. No more waiting for your carrier contract to end. Just upgrade your current iPhone to a new one, and your new program begins," the Apple website promises.