Articles by Cristina Silva

Cristina Silva has written for the Associated Press, the Tampa Bay Times, Salon and NPR. She has reported from Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, Germany, Italy and Bahrain, as well as from across the United States. She graduated from New York University.


Why We Switch To Daylight Savings

Germany was the first country to embrace daylight saving time in 1916 to save energy. After other European nations did the same, the U.S. eventually adopted daylight saving time in 1966 after flirting with making the time change official policy for years.

Here's How Much The World Spends On Defense

Russia has the world's second biggest military, with more than 1 million troops, 3,500 war planes and 15,000 tanks. China is the world's third biggest military with roughly 2.3 million soldiers and 3,000 war planes.

Beijing Defends South China Sea Construction

Wang Guoqing, spokesman for the country’s top political advisory body, said criticism from the U.S., Japan and other nations over its construction in the coveted waterway was “much ado about nothing.”



Google Provides Data On US Political Advertising

Google has added a section to its twice-yearly transparency report to show who buys U.S. election ads on its platform and how much money is spent on political advertising, the search engine giant said on Wednesday.