Several iPhone users are reporting problems with the activation server when downloading the latest iPhone OS 3.0.

A handful of Ibtimes commentators are noting that they are able to download the update without a problem, but the installation process was halted with an error message.

I installed 3.0 and got the 'emergency calls only'. I have tried to restore 4 times now and NOTHING! Waiting for what? My phone to crash???, wrote one reader.

iPhone users have flooded Twitter and other social media with their messages complaining about the iPhone 3.0 problems.

However, CNET writes that the reports about the iPhone 3.0 problems are scattered. They are not across the board and not everyone is getting activation server is temporarily unavailable error message.

Apple has not yet responded to our request for comments.

The free iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update includes some great new features, as well as all the features from previous updates. Features include tethering, MMS messaging, turn-by-turn navigation and copy, cut and paste. Users can also buy or rent movies directly from their iPhone.

Download the iPhone 03 3.0 update here .