Every time a new expensive smartphone debuts on AT&T, new deals pop for some devices that have been out for even just a few months. That includes Android and iPhone prices, and Samsung just debuted the Galaxy Note, a $300 5.3-inch display Android monster. New releases push prices down on older phones, even as AT&T plays up the new phones' superior features. So, if you're contract is up and you're looking for the best AT&T deal, here's what you need to know.

The best deal may still be the $100 iPhone 4. For the price, you get a ton of features in a stylish, easy to use device. If you're looking in the $50 range, check out the Pantech Burst. It's a new Android phone with decent features, and even runs on the 4G LTE network. Pantech is new to the U.S., but they are very popular devices in their native South Korea where they face plenty of competition from rivals Samsung and Lenovo. The Burst is a 4-inch screen Android with an 800x480p resolution Super AMOLED WVGA display. It features a decent sized 1650 mAh battery, 16 gigabytes of internal storage, microSD card reader (expandable up to 32 GB) and front and rear-facing cameras. There's no 1080p video capture or mini-HDMI, but it's the cheapest LTE phone AT&T has. It should get the Android 4.0 update eventually too.

In the under $50 category, there may have never been a better set of choices on AT&T. For $10, there is the Motorola Atrix 4G, a 4-inch screen Android with a great 960x540p qHD display and huge 1930 mAh battery AT&T says will last for nine hours of talk time. It has 16 gigabytes of storage, microSD card reader and can be used as a mobile hot spot if you have a five gigabyte or higher data plan. It's been out for a year now, so there is a chance it won't get the Android 4.0 update at all, however.

If you want to try something totally different, the Samsung Focus Flash is only one dollar, and it runs the Microsoft system. It's only been out a few months, so it's got some decent features, especially for so cheap. It's a 3.7-inch screen Windows Phone-powered phone with an 800x480p Super AMOLED display. It has front and rear-facing cameras, eight gigabytes of internal storage and free cloud storage from Microsoft. It can also access an Xbox Live account thanks to Windows Phone and is a world phone that is compatible on GSM and CDMA networks if you travel.

Finally, there is the iPhone 3GS for a dollar. It's perfect for someone upgrading from a feature phone, and AT&T is the only carrier that offers it. Tell us in the comments if you're shopping around for the best deal and what you're looking for.

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