Rolltop is a mind-blowing concept design that uses a flexible OLED screen to combine laptop, tablet and monitor into one easy to carry, fun product. It's pretty far out, but that's what we love about it. Should such a concept be possible today, it would no doubt be prohibitively expensive, but that is what smart concept designs are all about. It's a portable device that literally rolls up like a sushi roll, and clips to a handy strap to sling over your shoulder.

Unfurl it from the strap, and bend it into shape to create a 13-inch laptop with virtual keyboard. The strap is attached to a solid core the screen wraps around, and the core now becomes the speaker. A cord connects the device to the speaker and the end of the roll unhooks to reveal a standard power cord. Flatten out the laptop configuration to create a 17-inch touchscreen tablet. There's even a kickstand on the back to turn it into a standup monitor. Start the slideshow to see the cool invention. Tell us in the comments if you think the Rolltop has any chance of becoming a real product.

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