Apple has released another iPhone 5s-shot video, spotlighting the high-end video capabilities of the company's flagship smartphone. “On the runway with iPhone 5s” debuted Wednesday. The 30-second commercial shows the iPhone 5s filming Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2014 line. The runway showcase was filmed in September 2013. At the time, the iPhone 5s had not yet been released.

In the clip, champagne, black and white iPhones are affixed to intricate tripods and overhead camera mounts, allowing camera operators to get smooth pan and tilt shots. The video also shows cinematographers using different filters and lighting to achieve interesting effects. The commercial also makes use of the iPhone 5s’ slow-motion camera option. Glitter confetti falls slowly from the ceiling onto the heads of models strutting the runway.

This spot represents just the most recent video from the Cupertino company highlighting the video functionality of their flagship smartphone. 1.24.14, an 88-second film celebrating 30 years of Macintosh, debuted on Monday. Over 70 hours of video was shot in one day in countries around the world. A team of 21 editors compiled the raw footage and brought it together into a cohesive story of how different people around the world use Apple’s Macintosh computers.

Current Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts is set to take over as Apple’s senior vp of retail and online stores. It was announced last October that Ahrendts would take over the position sometime in the spring, while remaining in her current capacity until then. Check out the video below.