Two Iranian warships docked in Sudan Monday less than a week after explosions destroyed an arms factory in the capital Khartoum, which the Sudanese government has blamed on Israel.

The vessels, which departed from Iran a month ago and were carrying “the message of peace and friendship to neighboring countries and were ensuring security for shipping lanes against marine terrorism and piracy, " according to Iranian state media outlet Irna, Reuters reported.

Iran has been sending ships to the Gulf of Aden region since 2008, when an Iranian-chartered cargo ship was hi-jacked off the coast of Yemen. But Iran’s ties with Sudan may go beyond regional security.

The arms factory that was destroyed last week was believed to be operated by the Iranian government and used to produce weapons for Hamas in the Palestinian Gaza Strip, according to the BBC.

The factory was reportedly bombed by jet fighters, which the Sudanese government believes were sent by Israel. The Israeli government has not confirmed or denied responsibility for the alleged airstrike.