Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned against attacks on his country Tuesday, saying Iran would bring heavy and shameful regret on anyone who attacked the Islamic Republic.

In a veiled reference to the United States and Israel's refusal to rule out military action against Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program, Ahmadinejad added that foreign interference would destabilize the entire region.

Our armed forces will make the enemy face a heavy and shameful regret if they commit any aggression and violate Iran's interests, Ahmadinejad said in a speech broadcast live on state television.

The foreign interference will bear nothing but destruction, rifts and insecurity.

The speech was made during Tuesday's National Army Day parade.

While the tone was typical of the rhetoric at Iranian military events, Ahmadinejad's warning contrasted sharply with the expressions of goodwill between Western and Iranian officials during talks in Istanbul last week.

After Saturday's cordial meeting, Tehran agreed to hold more talks, a landmark step after years of stalled negotiations around the Islamic Republic's developing nuclear program.

According to the official Fars news agency, the United States even suggested re-opening direct diplomatic relations between Tehran and Washington, but Iran is not ready to take that step.

This latest warning from Ahmadinejad however could send mixed messages to Western diplomats as they prepare for a second round of talks in Baghdad late next month.

Also on Tuesday, Iran's army chief Gen. Ataollah Salehi told the state IRNA news agency that U.S. warships in the Gulf are sweet targets, according to the AP.

Among the missiles, fighter jets and tanks displayed, Iran showcased its  Qadr, or Sacred Night 2,000 pound guided bomb - which the military has previously said could counter any U.S. naval presence in the region.