European security agencies have obtained intelligence that the Islamic State group plans to target Britain in its next attack, CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank said Thursday evening, citing a counterterrorism source. The British House of Commons voted 397-223 Wednesday in favor of launching airstrikes in Syria to target the militant group, also known as ISIS or ISIL.



“The intelligence [suggests] that British ISIS operatives in Syria and Iraq have been tasked to return to the United Kingdom to launch an attack against the U.K.,” Cruickshank said. “These concerns have been compounded by that vote yesterday ... authorizing British airstrikes for the first time against ISIS in Syria.”

Just hours after the British vote, warplanes began dropping bombs Thursday on the Omar oilfield in eastern Syria, in an effort to target infrastructure that finances ISIS. Britain is expected to continue its airstrikes for up to three years. Other countries, such as the U.S., France and Turkey, have been conducting airstrikes in Syria since 2014.

The news comes after deadly terror attacks in Paris on Nov. 13 that left 130 dead and hundreds injured, for which ISIS claimed responsibility, prompting France to retaliate with intensive airstrikes in Syria just days later.