Israel dismissed as biased a U.N. report, issued Monday, that concludes both Israel and Palestine may be guilty of having committed war crimes during last year's conflict in Gaza. The report, submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council, was written by an independent commission of inquiry. 

"The commission which wrote [the report] was appointed by a council that calls itself a human right council [but] in fact does everything but defend human rights," Haaretz quoted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying. "Israel doesn't commit war crimes, but defends itself from a terrorist organization which calls for its destruction.”

The report finds the damage to the Palestinian territory to be “unprecedented.” The two-member commission indicates in the report that Israeli policies may be blamed for some of the war crimes committed during the battle.

Israeli Education Minister Nafatali Bennett said the U.N. report was stained with "blood on its hand for allowing the murder of Jews." According to Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, the report intends to “tarnish Israel's image and add fuel to the fire of de-legitimization."

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon called the report a “biased mandate.” He said the U.N. is a “notoriously biased institution.” According to Nachshon, the U.N. blames Israel all the time and ignores unacceptable actions by countries like North Korea, Iran and Syria.