In Technology Group Ltd. announced a 4.3-inch xpPhone 2 smartphone should be launched early next year. ITG, claiming to be known as China Apple, announced in its press release that the xpPhone 2 will be a Post-Smartphone. It will allow users to run Windows 7 and Windows 8 (once it is released) on a small handheld screen.

The company has been dedicated to merging the Windows PC experience with smartphone devices.

This year, ITG's xpPhone was available with Windows 7, but the device did not beat out Android and Apple Inc. competitors. ITG has high hopes for its xpPhone 2, which it contends is a slimmer, lighter, and more energy-efficient version of the earlier portable device.

ITG said the xpPhone 2 will have a 1.6-GHz Intel Atom Z530 chip, 2GB of RAM, and as much as 112GB of SSD storage. The new smartphone is described as being 140 mm by 73 mm by 17.5 mm, much slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. Battery life should be around 18 hours of call time with 46 hours on standby, according to

In its press release, ITG stated, When at home, xpPhone runs as a desktop PC host; in the outdoors, xpPhone works as a smartphone; in the office, xpPhone acts as a notebook connecting with Projector for lecturing; in the car, xpPhone can be used for GPS navigation.

ITG said it believes the xpPhone 2 will be a strong competitor to Apple, Android, and other major smartphones, making large claims about the xpPhone 2's competitive cloud-computing capabilities, software support, and battery life. However, the xpPhone 2's success is yet to be seen. contended the phone will be released in January 2012.