Get ready Sesame Street lovers, because it’s time to celebrate the birthday of Elmo, the furry red monster that has been a mainstay Muppet since he first officially premiered in the 1980s.

Feb. 3 is the birthday of the three-and-half-year-old Muppet, celebrated every year even though he never seems to get any older. Although Elmo has become a favorite Muppet — even launching one of the biggest fad toy crazes of all time, the “Tickle Me Elmo” — he was actually introduced as a random extra Muppet, initially labelled “Baby Monster.”

While in development, Elmo was given more of a caveman, monster-like voice, but the Muppet’s creators abandoned it. Later, he was randomly given his modern, high-pitched voice and a more loveable character was born, the Huffington Post reported.

There are nine Elmo puppets, according to the Sesame Workshop, and Elmo has been featured on many televisions shows outside the Sesame Street cannon, including the “Martha Stewart Living,” “Emeril Live” and “Oprah. Besides his fame on other shows, Elmo had his own television program aimed at children called “Elmo’s World.”

So one Elmo’s birthday, here are some of the character’s more memorable screen appearances.


1) The time Elmo made ice cream pugs with Martha Stewart

Just because he’s not even 4 years old yet doesn’t mean he can’t cook with the queen of homemaking, Martha Stewart.


2) Elmo helps out J.D. on “Scrubs”

“Scrubs” was a television show known for its unrealistic dream sequences, and in one episode, Elmo decides to help out Zach Braff’s character J.D., before they decide to dance.


3) Elmo spends time in “the West Wing”

Elmo made a short guest spot on “The West Wing” television show, but unfortunately, never got to sit front row in the White House press corps.


4) Elmo works with the first lady

Elmo made an appearance with first lady Michelle Obama in 2013, along with Sesame Street co-star Rosita, to promote fresh fruit and vegetable eating for children.


5) Elmo explains how being embarrassed feels

He wasn’t necessarily the one who was embarrassed; that fell to his guest Seth Rogen.