Peyton is officially back! After Aly Michalka's character discovered her best friend Liv (Rose McIver) was a zombie on the penultimate episode of "iZombie" Season 1, Peyton hightailed it out of Seattle.

It remained a mystery whether the character would return for Season 2, which premiered on Oct. 6, but executive producer Rob Thomas confirmed that Peyton will make her surprise return in an upcoming episode.

"Last year, she largely was a sounding board and, later in the season, a love interest for Ravi (Rahul Kohli),” Thomas told Entertainment Weekly. “This year, she is very much in the thick of it."

Thomas explained that Peyton will resume her work as the assistant DA and even gets offered to take over the Utopium task force. "That puts her right in the thick of the action," Thomas said.

As previously reported, the executive producer revealed the real reason Peyton's future on the show was up in the air was because Michalka had auditioned for another TV show pilot. When the CW learned the pilot wasn't going to full schedule, the network decided to write Michalka’s character back into "iZombie."

Now that Liv's BFF is back, Thomas teased in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she will have a "meatier" storyline in Season 2.

“Most of what Peyton did in Season 1 was bounce off the other characters," the executive producer said. "In Season 2, she is a bit more ingrained in the mythology. She has stories that are centered on her job and digging into Seattle’s criminal hierarchy. We have some fun stuff for her planned."

It's believed that Peyton will make her return to Seattle on the show's third episode, titled "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle." According to TV Guide, Peyton's arrival will be a shock to her friends.

The synopsis for episode 3 teases that Liv will eat the brains of a "murdered trophy wife who was pushed to her death by a hit man from her home’s balcony." It'll be up to Liv and Det. Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) to find the "original brains behind the homicide." The synopsis adds that Liv and Ravi will be surprised to find that Peyton is back in town.