Is Ja Rule Missing? #FindJaRule Hashtag Trends On Twitter, But Is The Rapper Really MIA? [PHOTO]

on December 19 2013 9:09 AM
Ja Rule
Rapper Ja Rule (center) isn't missing, but some fans became worried after #FindJaRule started trending on Twitter. Twitter/@RuleYork

Is Ja Rule missing? Fear was widespread throughout the Twitterverse that the “Put It On Me” rapper has disappeared after #FindJaRule trended on Twitter early Thursday.

But all you Ja Rule fans out there, take a deep breath. The rapper is safe and sound. The #FindJaRule hashtag that swept Twitter was the design of online retailer Karmaloop, which used Ja Rule as part of a promotion on its website Wednesday.




The Ja Rule frenzy didn’t stop there, with Karmaloop providing a number of Ja Rule-related bonus codes for discounts off the retailers orders.




Twitter users who just saw the #FindJaRule hashtag thought Ja Rule was actually missing: