Two former correction officers were sentenced Tuesday in connection with a fight club they started at a facility on Rikers Island back in 2008.

Officers Michael McKie, 33, and Khalid Nelson, 37, are among 15 individuals who have been implicated in a series of crimes that resulted in the death of 18-year-old inmate Christopher Robinson.

Nelson and McKie, who were facing up to 25 years in prison, accepted a plea deal that significantly lowered their sentences. Nelson, who pled guilty to attempted assault last October, was sentenced to a year in prison. McKie was sentenced to a prison term of two years for assault.

Neither had been charged in association for the death of Robinson.

City investigators found that the pair were leading an intimidation campaign at Rikers Island known as The Program. The two ordered teenage inmates to beat up others to maintain discipline in the adolescent unit.

The scheme was uncovered in after the murder of inmate Robinson in October 2008. Robinson was found dead in his cell after being beat to death because he refused to join the policing scheme.

Charnel Robinson, the boy's mother, was disappointed to find out the two officers only received wrist-slap sentences for the role they played in her son's death.

I'm not happy, It's not a win for me. My son is gone, she told reporters after the sentencing of the two at the Bronx Supreme Court.