The damage done from the Sony leak isn’t over yet, and the script from upcoming James Bond film “Spectre” is confirmed to be among the massive dump of information that was leaked. A draft for “Spectre,” the 24th film in the James Bond series produced by British film production company Eon, has been confirmed as one of the files stolen electronically from Sony.

“Eon Productions is concerned that third parties who have received the stolen screenplay may seek to publish it or its contents,” Eon said in a statement on Saturday. “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Danjaq LLC will take all necessary steps to protect their rights against the persons who stole the screenplay, and against anyone who makes infringing uses of it or attempts to take commercial advantage of confidential property it knows to be stolen.”

The infamous leak began on Nov. 24, with hacker group Guardians of Peace claiming responsibility for releasing a plethora of confidential information -- including medical records of employees, email exchanges that were clearly meant to stay private and the false aliases of a number of celebrities used to check into hotels.

According to documents, the next James Bond film is over budget by $50 million, and is expected to cost the studio $50 million more than its predecessor, 2012’s “Skyfall.”

“Django Unchained’s” Christoph Waltz will also star in the film, as well as Dave Bautista from “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Monica Belluci and Lea Seydoux will also star alongside Daniel Craig as Bond.