The FBI is getting some extra help in trying to catch Morgan Harrington's killer after Metallica frontman James Hetfield volunteered to make a video urging anyone with information on the suspected murderer to come forward.

Morgan Harrington, 20, was a Virginia Tech student who went to see Metallica perform at the University of Virginia's John Paul Jones Arena on October 17, 2009, according to the FBI.

She left the building around 8:30 p.m. and tried to get back inside the Metallica concert but was unable to do so and was last seen hitchhiking, the FBI said.

A witness said they saw Morgan Harrington on Copley Road in Charlottesville, Va., where the University of Virginia campus is located.

That was the last time anyone saw the 20-year-old student alive. Her remains were found in January 2010 in a remote field on a farm in Albermarle County, Va.

In a video released Wednesday, Metallica frontman James Hetfield encourages anyone with information on Morgan Harrington's killer to come forward.

He emphasized that no detail is small enough not to be given to authorities.

Remember, any information, no matter how small you might think it is, could be that crucial piece investigators need to help solve the case, the Metallica rocker says in the video distributed by the FBI and the Virginia State Police.

Hetfield also noted there is a $150,000 reward in the Morgan Harrington murder case. In addition, Metallica is posting an extra $50,000.

Along with the video, the FBI has released computer sketches of Morgan's killer -- one showing the suspect with facial hair and one where he is clean shaven.

While Harrington's killer has not been yet brought to justice, the FBI has linked the case to a similar assault on another Virginia woman.

Anyone with information was asked to call the Virginia State Police at 434-352-3467.

Harrington's mother, Gil Harrington, is hoping the Metallica video will reinvigorate the search for her daughter's killer.

We are really grateful, she told the Roanoke Times. Hopefully, something will shake loose.

Noting that the suspect in Morgan's murder has been linked to similar incidents, Gil Harrington told the paper she is hoping her daughter's killer is captured soon.

We want him off the streets to save the next girl, she said. That's my whole motivation. It's not retribution.

The reward and sketch was also posted on the VT Help Save The Next Girl Facebook page.

Big thank you to the FBI for their work on this new Multimedia Campaign, the posting says.
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