James 'Whitey' Bulger's accomplice is expected to plead guilty to charges of helping him evade police capture for nearly 16 years.

In a deal with prosecutors, Catherine Greig, 60, will plead guilty on Wednesday to conspiracy charges of harboring a fugitive and two counts of identity theft, reported CNN.  Bulger and Greig were also romantically together during their years on the run.

The families of Bulger's alleged victims were informed of these developments by prosecutors. The families reportedly said that Greig could face a maximum of five years for each charge, but she is much more likely to face 32 months in prison, due to her record and time already served, according to the New York Times.

In early 1995, I agreed to join Bulger and travel with Bulger during his flight from law enforcement, Greig said in court documents, according to WCVB. From Jan., 1995, through June 22, 2011, I also agreed with others, including Bulger, to harbor and conceal him from law enforcement,

Greig initially pleaded not guilty to the charges that she was harboring a fugitive and helping Bulger evade capture.

Her only crime was a crime of passion, falling in love with this gentleman, said her lawyer, Kevin Reddington, according to the New York Times.

Bulger is accused of 19 murders and will begin his trial in November.

However, not everyone is pleased with the recent developments.

The consequences don't seem to be that severe, if you ask me, said Tom Donahue. Donahue's father was allegedly shot and killed by Bulger years ago, reported the New York Times. She helped keep that guy on the run. We could have had questions answered 16 years ago.

Steven Davis, who is also a family member of an alleged Bulger victim, said prosecutors did not want to risk the possibility of jury ruling Greig was innocent.

The government does not have a tight enough grasp on the case, said Davis. However, he said there is at least one positive to a conviction of Greig.

She's not a murderer, said Davis. They've got to look at the big guy.

Bulger is a reputed former mobster of South Boston's Winter Hill Gang. He allegedly ruled the gang with an iron fist, leveling out the competition with violence and murder. He served as a FBI informant while acting as the leader of the gang, but fled Boston in 1995 after hearing rumors of his own indictment. For 16 years,  was on the run with Greig, becoming one of the FBI's 10 most-wanted criminals.

Bulger and Greig were arrested last June in Santa Monica, Calif., living under phony identities.