Jamie Dimon, president CEO of JPMorgan Chase has come under fire in recent weeks after shareholder advisory firms recommended that JPMorgan stock shareholders vote to split the chairman and CEO roles, which would effectively demote Dimon. This came in response to the JPMorgan $6.2 trading loss last year due in part to the "London Whale" trade debacle.

While advisory firms were calling for change in leadership structure, media and financial barons came out in support of Jaime Dimon on the Web and on TV. Check out what some of them are saying here.

"I think [Jaime Dimon] is as first-rate as it gets."
-- Barry Diller, chairman of InterActiveCorp on CNBC Friday morning on May 10.

“He’s probably the finest CEO across any business in America.”
-- Kenneth Langone, co-founder of Home Depot, Inc. on April 26 to Bloomberg TV.

Others have come out in support of banks:

"While the banks have done wrong, it is time to ask the question, 'what more does the public want from the banks and why are we trying to destroy this vital industry?'"
-- Maria Bartiromo, CNBC anchor coming out in support of banks.