On Sunday night, America witnessed the auditions for the upcoming season of American Idol, which included Jane Carrey, the 24-year-old daughter of actor Jim Carrey from ex-wife Melissa Womer.

The American Idol auditions took place on the USS Midway in the San Diego harbor, a first for the show, showcasing seven of the 53 contestants who earned Golden Tickets for the next audition in Hollywood. One of these seven was Jane Carrey.

My dad...is Jim Carrey, Jane Carrey announced, calling herself a mom first and a waitress on-and-off in Los Angeles for the past six years.

It was definitely fun growing up with him as a father. He's definitely not the most extravagant celebrity so it's been fairly normal, she said of being the daughter to a star.

It is difficult growing up in the shadow of something and trying to find your place in the world, underneath this huge shadow. The last name definitely helps and hurts, Jane Carrey said. I feel like there's this pressure to maybe be better because if I make it somewhere, I run the risk of people saying, 'Oh, you only got there because of this.' Sometimes that actually makes me worse because I'm too nervous to be good.

According to Carrey, she is a woman just trying to make [her] place in the world prompting her to try out for American Idol.

Following her introduction as Jim Carrey's daughter, the judges identified with Carrey. Judge Randy Jackson immediately asked if her father knew she was auditioning while Jennifer Lopez recognized her.

I remember you when you were little! Lopez said of her time working on In Living Color with father Jim Carrey. Do you remember me? I was one of the Fly Girls! You were so little!

Carrey sang Bonnie Raitt's Something to Talk About and earned praises from the judges and a spot in Hollywood.

I like you. I like the voice. I like the potential. Randy said.

Good melody, you've got to work on the volume, judge Steven Tyler said.

Right after, contestant Carrey phoned her father to exclaim, I made it!

She's so wonderful, she's amazing I can't wait for the world to understand what she has. Way to go. Oh my god this is going to be an exciting year, Jim Carrey said on the phone.

In addition to the slight dosage of Hollywood nepotism, notable performances were made by Jennifer Diley, Aubree Dieckmeyer, and Kyle Crews who Steve Tyler said was the best male voice in the competition so far.