Just when it seemed like Steve Harvey's now infamous Miss Universe mistake was slowly starting to fade away from the spotlight, 2016 People's Choice Awards host Jane Lynch brought it up once again. The 55-year-old actress made a joke about Harvey by basically recreating the cringe-worthy moment from last month.

Lynch told the audience that a People's Choice Award was going to be giving to an entertainer that never won an award, but was deserving of one. The host called up "The Odd Couple" star Thomas Lennon and presented him with the award. As Lennon started to speak, Lynch stopped him and said she made a mistake.

"I'm sorry I have to apologize here, first runner up is Tom Lennon," Lynch said. "The winner is Miss Colombia."

Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, from the Miss Universe Pageant then took the stage and Lynch took the award away from a stunned Lennon to give to "Miss People's Choice." 

"It's my fault, I didn't bother to come to dress rehearsal and man, I just read the card wrong, so sorry," Lynch joked.

Unlike at the Miss Universe Pageant, Gutierrez was all smiles during the sketch at the awards ceremony. It appears the contestant is now willing to joke about the moment.