In this week’s episode of “Jane The Virgin,” Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is shocked when Rafael (Justin Baldoni) asks for joint custody of the baby. Meanwhile, she also needs to plan her best friend's birthday and choose between Rafael and Michael (Brett Dier) once and for all.

After giving birth to baby Mateo, Jane has been unable to focus on the other things in her life. She couldn’t even listen to her friend Lina (Diane Guerrero) for two minutes just to catch up. She forgets about the 25th birthday party that she promised to plan for Lina, but she still scrambles to throw something together at the last minute.

While trying to get the party sorted, Jane is still conflicted about her personal life. She and Rafael kissed in the previous episode but she still isn’t ready to make a choice between him and Michael. Her indecisiveness causes both men to be frustrated.

Rafael is devastated that their kiss didn’t progress into something more and obviously, Michael is even more devastated to learn that Rafael has gone ahead in the game. Petra (Yael Grobglas) shows him the photo of Jane and Rafael kissing, and he confronts Jane about it. Michael tells her that if he no longer has a chance, then she should tell him. Likewise, he points out that Rafael should also do the same with his ex-wife Petra, who still loves him.

With Jane unable to move forward in their romantic relationship, Rafael deals a punch in her gut, when he asks her for joint custody of the baby. He says that he wants to be a real part of his son’s life, and if he and Jane are not together, then he wants to formally as for more time with the baby. Jane agrees but is thrown off by the idea of being separated from her baby for extended periods.

In the end, Jane decides that the kiss doesn’t really put Rafael ahead, and that she is too overwhelmed with the baby to think rationally about her love life. Meanwhile, Rafael also makes the decision to finally make things clear to Petra that they will never get back together.

Elsewhere, Michael gets a new partner called Susanna Barnett. They pursue the new lead on Sin Rostro and find out that while living as Denise in Switzerland, she had a short affair with a professional Yodeler called Heidi Von Ocher.

Rafael hires Heidi to perform at the Marbella and Michael questions her. At the same time, Luisa is released by her kidnappers and runs to Rafael. She tells the police about her kidnapping story, and Michael’s partner makes the connection between Rose and an old criminal mastermind called Muder.

In the process of investigating Sin Rostro, Susanna is apparently also spying on Michael. It turns out that the circumstances behind the escape of Michael’s former partner Nadine, have fallen under suspicion.

Elsewhere, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) and Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) are working together to deal with Rogelio’s ex-wife, Luciana (Kate del Castillo). She is blackmailing him with embarrassing Scientology tapes, and Rogelio is forced to agree to her demands on their telenovela set. They devise a plan to kidnap her pet bunnies and demand the tapes as ransom. She turns them over and things are finally resolved on set.

In the end, no one is available to come to Lina’s party because it was so last minute. Lina is disappointed and just ends up clubbing. Jane feels bad and decides to join her friend at the club. Rafael babysits Mateo while Jane is out. She has a good time with her friend and has a few drinks. On the way home, she runs into Michael. They end up kissing and Jane is ecstatic. She gets home and tells her mom that the kiss finally showed her that she is meant to be with Michael. Unfortunately, she is unaware that Rafael overheard the whole conversation on the baby monitor.

Find out how he deals with Jane’s decision, when “Jane The Virgin” returns next Monday at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.