Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) from “Jane the Virgin” is currently fighting for his life after being shot during the Season 2 finale, and his current status is making fans wonder: will Jane continue to carry a torch for him, or will she rekindle her romance with former flame Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni)?

Naturally, fans belonging to Team Michael and Team Rafael have opposing views regarding the matter. The general consensus is that Michael has to survive the attack; however, who Jane should end up with is a different thing entirely.

When “Jane the Virgin” posted its promo video on its Facebook page showcasing the “magical beginnings” of Jane and Michael’s relationship, thousands of fans commented on the clip.

A fan named Jessica Marie, who belongs to Team Michael, commented on the video: “Anyone who is on Team Rafael must be totally judging on looks. Michael stood by Jane through it all, and never once gave up on her. Rafael jumped into bed with random women. If Michael died, I'm done watching the show.”

Another girl from Team Michael named Mathilde Trt also added, “Really, I don't understand Team Rafael. He is hotter, but this is not a [good] reason. Really, Michael and Jane are better together.”

Meanwhile, Team Rafael supporter Johanna Ruth Bacolod said, “I don't want Michael to die, but I'm really on #TeamRafael since the beginning. Maybe there's a second chance for them here since Michael's in a coma? Let's see. I'm excited to watch them all.”

Brooke Salas added that she’s “#TeamRafael all the way! Michael is teaching, Rafael is writing. Michael is the practical choice, Rafael is the brave choice. I don't want Michael to die, but she seriously needs to be with Raf!!!”

As for Genesis Matos, she belongs to Team Rafael because “Rafael has suffered a lot for Jane, and you can tell he truly loves her because every time he's had a chance to tell her that he still loves her, he doesn't and he lets her be happy. That's love.”

But showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told Entertainment Weekly that Rafael might change next season, since Jane already chose Michael over him.

“Once he makes that change and isn’t head over heels for her any more, how does that change their relationship?” Urman said. “How does that affect their co-parenting? How does that change their dynamics in general? And what are they like without that yearning at the center? That’s going to be something we explore and twist in interesting ways.”

Urman even hinted that Jane might have another suitor in the future. According to TV Line, “Young and the Restless” star Miles Gaston Villanueva has been cast as Sam, who was in Jane’s life long before she met either Michael and Rafael. He is described as “intellectual and sexy,” which is just the kind of guy Jane likes.