With only a month left before “Jane the Virgin” Season 3 airs, fans are taken on a trip down memory lane by a new promo which highlighted some of Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Michael’s (Brett Dier) best moments together.

A quick scene of their wedding was shown, followed by the sweet kiss they shared with fake snow falling behind them. It was the kiss that reminded Jane just how much she loved Michael even after falling in love with Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni).

It also reminded fans of Jane and Michael’s “magical beginning,” but unfortunately, their romance was put to a screeching halt after Michael was shot by his former partner on their wedding night.

Another scene showed Jane asking the nurse from the hospital if Michael will be fine. But the nurse showed a grim expression as she answered, “Honestly…”

A heartbreaking scene followed with Jane talking to her unconscious husband. “This is not the end of our story. Do you hear me, Michael?” she told him.

Michael definitely has to survive the shooting because showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman has told Entertainment Weekly that Jane will finally be losing her virginity this Season 3.

“She does lose her virginity this year,” she said. “It’s in the first half of the season, and it’s quite a big episode for us.”

Jane losing her virginity will be a big deal for the show, but apart from the physical act itself, Rodriguez said that having sex will have a huge impact on Jane’s psyche. “How is [losing her virginity] going to play into her life, her psychology, how she views herself and how she views her intimacy?” said Rodriguez. “There’s an evolution.”

Jane’s first sex partner still remains a mystery, but a lot of fans are hoping it won’t be with some other guy apart from Michael or Rafael.

According to TV Line, “Young and the Restless” star Miles Gaston Villanueva has been cast as Sam, and he was in Jane’s life long before she met either Michael and Rafael. He is described as “intellectual and sexy,” which is just the kind of guy Jane likes.