A new app from Marvel Studios allows iPhone users to interact with the digital assistant Jarvis from the "Iron Man" films. The JARVIS app works as a second-screen experience -- which provides content unlocked through the purchase of "Iron Man 3" on Blu-ray -- but it also works as a digital assistant for iPhone owners, similar to Siri.

In the original Marvel comic books, Jarvis was a butler who serves Tony Stark and later the Avengers. In the film, he is depicted as an artificial intelligence named J.A.R.V.I.S. (which stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System), voiced by actor Paul Bettany.

The JARVIS app interacts with a user’s voice to check the weather, make social media posts to Facebook and Twitter, and set alarms. Bettany recorded more than 20 hours of dialogue for the app.

The JARVIS app is available as a free download from Apple’s app store. Unlocking all of the Iron Man armors in the JARVIS gallery requires the purchase of "Iron Man 3" on Blu-ray.

The JARVIS app also can be used as a remote control to navigate the Blu-ray menus for "Iron Man 3." Check out a video of the app below.

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