Jason Aldean has made some mistakes in his life, but he assures fans he’s never meant to hurt anyone.

During a recent interview with Billboard magazine, the “Lights Come On” singer was asked about a controversial costume he sported during Halloween in 2015. Aldean, 39, decided to portray rapper Lil Wayne. In addition to a wig, clothes and costume jewelry, the country musician decided to paint his face to match the “Mr. Carter” rapper’s skintone. Nearly a year later the controversy still haunts Aldean, who claims stepping out in blackface was merely his attempt to party in public without being noticed. He feels that the outrage over the costume is driven by an oversensitive generation. Aldean adds that the media only further fueled the fire. He assures fans that his costume was never intended to be offensive in any way. Aldean has not, however, commented on his plans to dress up this halloween.

“In this day and age people are so sensitive that no matter what you do, somebody is going to make a big deal out of it,” he told Billboard. “Me doing that had zero malicious intent...I get that race is a touchy subject, but not everybody is that way. Media tends to make a big deal out of things. If that was disrespectful to anyone, I by all means apologize. That was never my intention. It never crossed my mind.”

The costume in question blew up on social media after Halloween 2015. Photos first appeared on Nashville Gab, leading fans questioning whether it was, in fact, Aldean who was wearing the costume. TMZ was able to confirm with reps that it was the country superstar in blackface.

Aldean is no stranger to controversy. In addition to having been accused of being racist, Aldean’s fans have questioned his decisions as they relate to his romantic life. In 2013 news broke the he and wife Jessica Ussery were getting divorced. Not long after he and mistress Brittany Kerr were engaged and, in time, married. Kerr burst onto the scene in 2012 on “American Idol.” The pair are still together and fans remain uncertain about their relationship. Neither seems fazed — in fact, they’re quite public about their love. Aldean often appears on red carpets with Kerr by his side and makes sure to thank her in acceptance speeches.