As the internet and twitter are ablaze with news about the latest addition to the Beckham family, Harper Seven, Jason Alexander tweeted in response to the excitement. The Seinfeld actor tweeted: Alright, I cannot hide the truth - Harper Seven Beckham is the love child of me and David Beckham. (I told you people would know, David).

The actor also joked about the craze surrounding the California trip of the Royal couple, William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who departed for England from LAX late Sunday night. Alexander wrote, The Royals have left the hood. I guess I can take my armor off now.

On the 9th, Alexander tweeted: I've got the Prince and Princess in my neighborhood. Apparently, they travel with 28 f@#king helicopters that hover at 62 feet. Apparently, Alexander didn't get the memo that the duchess is not yet a princess.