The search for a replacement for injured quarterback Jason Campbell took a hit on Monday when free agent David Garrard informed the Oakland Raiders that he also needed surgery.

The Raiders lost Jason Campbell on Sunday after the starting quarterback broke his collarbone against the Browns. Campbell is hoping to return after six weeks, but most expect the former Auburn star to miss the rest of the season.

I'm having surgery today. It was a tough break, Campbell told reporters after the game. I'm going to stay positive. If everything goes right I could be back in six weeks.

The Raiders turned to Kyle Boller in the second half against the Browns, but are in the market for a sturdier quarterback to guide the team for the rest of the season. Garrard was considered to be the likely pickup, but Jay Glazer of Fox Sports first reported that Garrard would be getting a surgery to repair a herniated disk after getting a second opinion on Monday.

Garrard's surgery diminishes an already small pool of available quarterbacks. Yahoo Sports first reported on Sunday that the Raiders were very interested in acquiring Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, who has sat out all season, but the price tag, might be too much for the Raiders.

The Raiders are without a second round, third round, and fourth round draft pick for April's upcoming draft, which handcuffs the team a bit in the moves that it can make. The lack of options plus the Bengals' insistence that they aren't interested in dealing Palmer could make it very difficult for the Raiders to acquire the former Pro Bowler.

The team could also be interested in recently demoted Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton and could likely acquire him on the cheap. The Broncos have looked to move Orton since the summer -- in part due to his expensive contract -- and have even more incentive to move him now that Broncos coach John Fox has named Tim Tebow the starter going forward. But questions remain whether the Broncos would deal Orton to a divisional rival.

After Orton, the Raiders might be stuck with either Boller or rookie Terrelle Pryor, who is yet to play a game in the NFL after serving a five-game suspension. If the Raiders hope to acquire anyone they will have to do so quickly -- the NFL trade deadline is Tuesday.

The Raiders have also reportedly been in contact with Josh McCown, but right now it looks like Boller might be the most likely starter. Boller, drafted in the first round in 2003 by the Ravens, has never quite met expectations since leaving college.

He spent five seasons with the Ravens and one with the Rams before signing with the Raiders in 2010. He has a 21-19 record as a starting quarterback.