Former New York Jet and current Miami Dolphin defensive lineman Jason Taylor said Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne is more talented than Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez in a recent interview.

 Taylor, who played for the Jets last season after a long career with the Dolphins, took an unsolicited shot at Sanchez when discussing Henne's skills in an interview with NBC Miami.

We need to grow and we need to continue to change, and I think Chad has grown immensely since I left here a year ago, Taylor told NBC Miami. I saw a kid in New York, Mark Sanchez, that is young, I don't think he's as talented as Chad Henne.

Taylor spent a single season with the Jets in 2010, but never quite endeared himself to Jets fans after criticizing the team and its fans during his 13 seasons with the Dolphins. He had 36 tackles and five sacks for the team, including a crucial safety in the playoffs, but left the team to return to Miami.

Sanchez, who recently broke his nose in a loss to the Raiders on Sunday, brushed off the comments to reporters on Tuesday.

If he would have said that last year, I would have been upset, Sanchez told reporters. He's building Chad up.. and that's fine

On the season, Sanchez has completed 63% of his passes this season with 6 TDs and 4 INTs for the 2-1 Jets, while Henne, 26, has completed 56.5% with 4 TDs and 3 INTS for the 0-3 Dolphins.