Jay-Z and Beyonce have reportedly gotten into a major fight over Kanye West's decision to bring new gal pal Kim Kardashian to a blowout party in London. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's increasingly-public relationship has annoyed Beyonce from the get-go, and it appears that her issues with their pairing hit a breaking point recently, when Ye invited Kim to the 40th birthday of Jay-Z's longtime friend TyTy.

Jigga and his friends have been planning the party for months, and Beyonce was obviously planning to attend the bash with her husband (Blue Ivy Carter would have assumedly been with a sitter.)

But when Beyonce found out that Kanye West planned to bring Kim Kardashian to the party, that was the last straw, and she made it known to her superstar husband that she was upset about her attendance and that if Kim was going, she would skip the event, according to the website MediaTakeOut.com.

An insider told MTO that the altercation between Jay and Bey over Kanye and Kim is the biggest fight of their marriage so far.

A source reportedly told MTO that Beyonce didn't want to go when she learned that Kim [Kardashian] would be there. She asked [Jay Z] to uninvite [Kim]. But [Jay] was like, 'That's Kanye's guest, and I can't uninvite her.'

So Beyonce reportedly threw a little fit and declared that she would not be going to the party if Kim Kardashian was going to be there, too.

Jay was upset and hurt. That's his best friend in the world, TyTy [and his family] vacation with [Jay and Bey], the source told MTO. And he's the godfather to Blue. . . [Jay Z] thought it was disrespectful for [Beyonce] to not attend just because of [Kim]. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted out in London 

The report that Kim Kardashian, the ubiquitous reality TV show personality who has been criticized by many observers for being famous just for her fame -- and her infamous amateur sex tape -- is coming between the royal couple of hip-hop is just the latest indicator of how controversial her and Kanye West's relationship has become.

And fellow Jay and Bey friend Rhianna has also embarked on a relationship that has drawn their criticism. Her choice to reignite the flame between her and Chris Brown -- who was convicted of attacking her a couple of years ago -- has also disappointed the power couple.

Seems the honeymoon isn't all wine and roses when it comes to the stars that create the hip hop and pop music we all love/