Jennifer Aniston is a successful actress with a legion of fans who watched her grow from Rachel Green on “Friends” to her role in “Cake.” Along the way, she’s made a slew of rom-coms that made us both laugh and cry, but she’s not proud of them. In fact, the newlywed said she’s downright ashamed of some of her film choices in an interview for the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Part of the problem was that she used to not be able to turn down a role. “There was a time when I worked and worked and worked. I loved it,” Aniston, 47, said. “I’m a bit of a people pleaser. I’ve got to stop. Some of the movies I’ve made, I bow my head in slight shame over.”

Until she tackled “Cake,” Aniston, who is the only star from “Friends” who seamlessly transitioned from television to the silver screen, was best known as a comedic actress. This was best portrayed in films like “Along Came Polly,” “Horrible Bosses” and “The Break-Up.” She didn’t specify what move she was embarrassed about, though she did star in the 1993 horror film “Leprechaun.”

Aniston said they best way to avoid being typecast is to take risks. “You have to start taking chances in an industry that’s very insecure about taking chances on people,” she said. “People forget who actors are. They say, ‘You're too known to play that part. You can’t disappear.’ And we’re like, ‘Give us a chance. We’ll disappear.’ ”

Turns out her risk paid off. Aniston earned a Golden Globe nomination for “Cake,” in which she played a recovering drug addict. “I can do other things. I feel a sense of freedom that I hadn’t necessarily felt before.”

Aniston’s new film, “Mother’s Day,” will premiere in theaters nationwide Friday, April 29.

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