Jeremy Lin took to his Facebook page Monday night for a rambling, confused, and possibly drug addled chat with his fans hours after he had season-ending knee surgery.

The contents of the chat were hardly enlightening; the Wall Street Journal condensed the chat down to a transcript here. Lin discussed his injuries, videogames, his faith and his plans to travel to Asia in the offseason.

The participants in the chat were overwhelmingly Asian, evangelical Christian and roughly 15-years-old according to demographics put together by the Wall Street Journal. In just over an hour of chatting, Lin answered 45 questions before announcing that he had to end the chat because he had thrown up.

As he was just hours removed from surgery on his meniscus so the queasiness might have come from the anesthetic or the pain medication. Anyone who has had surgery knows it can be an unsettling experience.

Forty-three different female fans proposed to Lin, one fan asked 45 times, but most just posed the question once.

Close to 100 people asked him about videogames, probably helped by the fact that he announced he was going to play after the chat.

Through it all, Lin was characteristically funny, humble and grounded. Those traits have helped to make him such a popular figure with fans.