As Jeremy Lin and Linsanity take the nation by storm, the newest NBA superstar will reportedly be getting his own Nike shoes. However, reports are again circulating the Internet that the shoes are not real.

The shoe, supposedly called Nike Hyperfuse 2012 Linsanity PE, allegedly had the Knicks' signature blue and orange colors. The word Lin was to be on the side of the shoe, reported Counter Kicks. A picture of the shoes began feverishly circulating the Internet on various blogs and websites. The

Darren Rovell of CNBC made the claim that the pictures of the Jeremy Lin shoe circulating the Internet are fake.

These pics of Jeremy Lin's new Nike shoes have been flying around the internet. They are fake, said Rovell.

However, ESPN Radio even reported that the shoes were coming out on their website. They reported that with 'Lin' embroidered in script on the side of the heel.

Lin is currently sponsored by Nike and wears the black and white editions of the Hyperfuse 2011 when the team plays on the road. It is possible that is how the rumor the started.

While it is certainly possible Lin will have his own line of basketball sneakers with Nike or another major shoe company, similar to other professional basketball players, for now, it appears that the blue and orange shoes circulating the Internet will not be them.

So what do you think? Are the Lin sneakers real or not?